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There is no way to avoid Scripture if one is a Christian and a scientist.  God's Word has given us the parameters within which the truth can be found.  In addition, as a Christian, it is imperative not just to read the Bible, but to get to know it.  As a result, studies and essays have been written through the years.  Here are some which have been requested. Some others may be found on Helen's page.

Barry and Helen Setterfield



Weekly Bible Studies -- these are being posted upon request. We have a home Bible study once a week here and those who cannot attend either because of distance or time have asked if we can put up what we cover. We will attempt to post the material within a day or two of each study.

Genesis 1-11, Can You Believe It? (Oct. 2008 - Feb. 2010)

Isaiah -- a study of the book (February 2010 - ...) -- this is just a beginning study which was discontinued when the group disbanded for the summer and illness prevented a regrouping in September.

Other Material

The Alexandrian Septuagint -- March, 2010 -- A study regarding the oldest known Old Testament text, translated about 300 years before Christ from paleo Hebrew to classical Greek

Ruth -- A story behind the story in the book of Ruth-- NEW -- August, 2010

Abraham  a study of the man himself

Signs in the Stars?   the Zodiac today is occultic.  This may be a horrid perversion of its original meaning and use.

Hebrew Scripture Chronology  

Egypt and the Exodus

Genesis, the Land of Havilah, and its Gold

Are Job and Jobab the Same Person?

Sons of God and Sons of Men

Joint Presentations by Barry and Helen Setterfield, and the Matter of Women Teaching in 1 Timothy 2:12

Morgan Answered Responses to a series of 'absurdities' Morgan has claimed are in the Bible

some other material on Scripture may be found in the Discussion section, here.


 The Christmas Star -- in place of the article we used to have is the DVD which contains all the information and the explanations. We can figure the actual date of Christ's birth extremely closely from information given in the Bible as well as historical data. The wise men were NOT three old men on camels (which were used only as beasts of burden by the Persians, and not as transportation for people), but the upper house of the Persian Parliament. The astronomical events were so unique and significant that the Romans thought the heavens themselves were applauding Caesar Augustus, whom they considered their prince of peace! The innkeeper, long maligned in sermon and legend, probably never existed, for the word translated in most versions as 'inn' was no public facility at all, but rather a reference to the guest rooms in each house. The biblical, historical, cultural and astronomical data all come together to tell us what happened during that incredible time. The DVD may be ordered here.

Further technical information regarding calendars and other data have been taken from the original article and are still available as notes here.