Impacts and Craters

1. Has a meteorite ever hit the earth?

Yes, many times.

2. Has there ever been a meteorite that hit the Pacific?

We assume so, but we have no evidence as the Pacific floor has been resurfaced by molten material from the earth’s interior.

3. How big was the biggest crater on land?

The biggest crater we are aware of on land is the MAPCIS structure which takes up most of Australia.  It is 1300 miles across (diameter). 


4. What is the biggest meteorite that has hit the earth?

Probably the one that caused the MAPCIS structure.  It must have been massive, but we really don’t have any way of determining how massive.  The one that caused the Chixulub Crater in the Caribbean was about 20-30 MILES across. 

5. Can you see the Chixulub crater from space?

No, it is covered over with other sediments.

6. How old is the Chixulub crater and how big is it?

It dates from about 65 million atomic years old, or about 5050 years ago.  It is 190 miles wide.

7, Is the Chixulub crater on land or water?

Both.  The “Ring of Cenotes” shows where the crater rim is on land. The ring showing the limit of ejecta is how far material flew out when the asteroid hit.