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It is never good science to ignore anomalous data or to eliminate a conclusion because of some presupposition. Sir Henry Dale, one-time President of the Royal Society of London, made an important comment in his retirement speech: "Science should not tolerate any lapse of precision, or neglect any anomaly, but give Nature's answers to the world humbly and with courage." To do so may not place one in the mainstream of modern science, but at least we will be searching for truth and moving ahead rather than maintaining the scientific status quo.

Barry Setterfield

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NEW: Online Astronomy Course is going up bit by bit and should be finished by April 15, 2015

NEW: Chuck Missler's interview with Barry at our home, autumn 2013 (youtube)

Cosmology and the Zero Point Energy, detailing over 35 years of Barry Setterfield's research, is now available.

An Amazing Summary by Rinus Kiel of the condition of creation research today. December, 2014

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Too much fun to pass up: occasionally news quotes strike our fancy.

Research Papers: beginning with the 1987 paper on the speed of light research and continuing through plasma physics research

New: The Expansion of the Universe and the CMBR -- February, 2015

New: Reviewing a Possible World-wide Event c. 2400 BC -- February, 2015

New: Comet 67P -- January, 2015

Setterfield Simplified: an ongoing series of articles for the layman

New: A Geological Model in Brief

Discussion: Barry answers questions emailed to him

New: Time and Length Standards and the Speed of Light

New: Has the Length of a Year Changed?

New: Pascal's Wager

News and Prophecy: current events and biblical prophecies are starting to line up in some interesting ways.

New: Question about The Last Shofar

New: Crusaders and Islam -- 2/11/15

New: The World Remains Silent -- 3/2/15

Responses to Critics: doesn't everyone have them? Also included are a number of positive comments

New, March 1, 2015 -- A Response to a Response

Recommended: A few materials we have been impressed with, both positively and negatively

Scripture: some material regarding the Bible, including essays on some theologies we disagree with, a Genesis 1 - 11 study, studies on Abraham and Job, material on the Alexandrian Septuagint and more.

New: Where is Noah's Ark?

New: Questions about criticisms about the Alexandrian Septuagint

Helen's Page: Helen is Barry's wife. This page includes our place and our animals, and some 'mini-blogs'

For our Deaf Friends: some material in simple, sign-compatible English for our deaf friends

Kids and Science: kids' questions and our answers

DVD's: The Christmas Star and Anomalies are currently available along with a small book, "The Bible and Geology." Published summer, 2013: Cosmology and the Zero Point Energy, a 465 book summarizing over 35 years of Barry Setterfield's research.

Material by others:

The Dodwell Papers: George Dodwell was the government astronomer for South Australia and known world-wide in astromical circles. When he died in the mid-sixties, Barry Setterfield was asked to prepare his papers on the tilt of the earth's axis for publication. The publication has been held up, so here is the Dodwell material.

Reviewing a Possible World-wide Event c. 2400 BC (by Setterfield)

The Rinus Kiel presentation: from a 2008 presentation of the Setterfield material in Germany

Randy Speir's Challenge to John Hartnett, and continuing exchange
updated response: November, 2014


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