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Stars Form at Record Speed in Infant Galaxies

This may be something that puzzles those who hold to the gravitational model of galaxy formation, but it is what is both expected and predicted on the plasma model. The Orion Nebula which is shown in their photograph shows the region of active, rapid star formation there near the pinch. That is not only what is supposed to happen there, it is what must happen there if plasma physics is correct. Further information may be found several places on our website as well as at the Los Alamos National Laboratore website.

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God and Evolution can Co-exist
According to this article, there is no reason for God to exist other than that Giberson grew up believing and that the belief has a ‘certain momentum.’  He also mentions that believing is more interesting than not believing.
This is hardly the stuff of which either science or faith is made.  Where is the search for the truth?  Where is following the data?    We would encourage everyone to aim for those two goals rather than simply joining one bandwagon or another, whether it be mainstream science or how you were raised.



Eating Less Meat May Slow Global Warming -- Sept. 13, 2007 -- It's not just the Moose! It's us again, eating meat! As though the sun cared.....

Galaxies Like Strings of Beads -- August 31, 2007, updated Sept. 6, 2007 -- Does the Universe Have a Handedness? By Michael J. Longo  -- “Axis of evil” a cause for cosmic concern by Zeeya Merali --  Detection of the Effect of Cosmological Large-Scale Structure on the Orientation of Galaxies, by Ignacio Trujillo, Conrado Carretero, and Santiago G. Patiri – Biggest void in space is 1 billion light years across, by Anil Ananthaswamy -- The Universe Trapped in its Own Web

A number of recent studies have shown that the spin axes of spiral galaxies are aligning themselves with cosmic filaments.  Three of the studies are referenced here.  Astronomers have known, since the early 1990’s, that galaxy clusters occur in filaments and sheets surrounding vast voids in space (the fourth reference).  The Ananthaswamy article deals with the largest known void in space, which is about a billion light years across.  What has been discovered is that spiral galaxies have their spin axes lined up like beads on a string.  They are aligned along the filaments which outline the voids.  These filaments are all showing a preferred direction which coincides with the cosmic background microwave radiation, which also shows the same preferred direction.  This direction is roughly in the direction of the poles of our galaxy.  These discoveries are fully in line with what is expected from the formation of galaxies by plasma filaments.  This sort of structure can only be formed on the standard model by invoking the action of dark matter.  Dark matter is needed in the standard model, but there is no real evidence for its existence aside from that need. 

"Just What Has Gone Wrong with Our Country?" Aug. 25, 2007. This is the question which was a headline on the Daily Express out of England after the shooting of an eleven year old boy who was "kicking a soccer ball around with friends." We have a suggested answer: Because the Defender of the Faith hasn't.

Diamonds unlock secrets of early Earth -- Aug. 25, 2007. The discovery of diamonds in the Jack Hills region of Western Australia that are being dated as more than four billion years old hold the potential to cause a major rethink in geology. The standard model for geology is designed to account for the internal structure of the earth. One of the major processes which are postulated is for 30% of the earth's mass -- iron -- drained to the core of the earth. In doing so, it released gravitational energy that raised the temperature of the earth over 2000 degrees C. over what it was before. A large fraction of the earth melted as a result, and the lighter material floated upwards and formed the crust. Thus,according to the standard model, the earth was converted from a homogeneous body to a shelled, or layered, body, with a heavy iron core and lighter material in the crust.

This process took about 2.5 billion years, they say. Now, these diamonds, with the inclusions from the earth's crust within them, show that there was already "a relatively thick continental crust as early as 4.25 billion years ago. This suggests it may have taken only around 200 million years for the Earth's surface to cool enough for water to condense and oceans to form. 'These latest fidings indicate that the planet was already cooling and forming a crust much earlier than previously thought.'"

This is a huge problem for the standard model, because there is nowhere near enough time for gravitational processes to result in a layered earth that quickly. That whole postulated process is called the "iron catastrophe" in standard geology. From the data we have from the Jack Hills region, we find that there is a crust and oceans on the surface of the Earth only a few million years, atomically, after the earth's formation. There would not have been time, according to standard geological processes for this to have occurred.

In contrast, the plasma model indicates that a layered structure is readily formed within plasma filaments. The layering of elements within a plasma filament is such that nickel and iron collect at the center of the filament, then silicon, magnesium, carbon, and sulfur in the middle region, then hydrogen and oxygen, with nitrogen and helium, on the outside. This automatic structuring within a plasma filament would naturally result in a nickel/iron core with a silicate mantle, with water on the surface and an atmosphere of oxygen and nitrogen. This means there is no need for an 'iron catastrophe' for which there is no surface evidence. On the contrary, these diamonds show the ocean was on the surface almost from the beginning and oxygen was in the atmosphere from the beginning.

Astronomers Puzzled by Massive Blank Spot in Universe -- Aug. 24, 2007. Astronomers whose modeling is based soley on gravitational dynamics for the universe may well be puzzled by this huge blank void. But as we look out in space, we see that the clusters of galaxies are arranged along filaments with massive voids in between them. In this case the void is exceedingly large, however, this sort of structure is very typical of the behavior of plasma, which forms filaments and voids as a matter of course. The filamentary structures that we see across space hardly look as if they are gravitationally based, but rather plasma filamentary based.

Cats’ Short Term Memory Lasts about Ten Minutes – Aug. 22, 2007.  Aside from the fact that this is longer than some people we know, who paid for this study?  And how much did it cost?  And have they nothing better to do with their time and money?

Blame it on the Moose! -- Aug. 22, 2007. Now we know the cause of global least in part. It's the moose in Norway causing all the problems. Are they responsible for Mars warming, too? Folks, this is getting ridiculous. Let's look at the truth about global warming...let's follow the data and not the hype...

The sun has been measured as heating up over the last 50-100 years by a variety of methods. The earlier methods indicated the ultra-violet output of the sun was increasing significantly, quite apart from the usual changes associated with the sunspot cycle. Later methods were measuring the output of different wave lengths. But all seems to be indicating the same thing -- the output from the sun was increasing. If these measurements are correct, it means the band of water around the earth's equator will become warmer and warmer, while the poles will essentially maintain the same temperature (remember the freezing AND melting point of water is 0 C or 32 F). This will produce a greater temperature differential between the equator and the poles. This temperature differential drives our atmospheric mechanism. Therefore, as the differential increases, atmospheric processes become more turbulent.

The amount of carbon dioxide in the air and that which is dissolved in the ocean water is normally balanced. But as the water warms, it gives off increasing amounts of carbon dioxide, attempting to again reach an equilibrium with the air above it. Therefore the increase in the carbon dioxide content of our atmosphere is not due to human or animal contributions, but rather to the warming equatorial oceans. And this is being caused by the sun itself -- its heat and light output is increasing. There is also evidence that Mars and some of the other planets are warming up. It would be ludicrous to blame this on humans or moose.

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